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It's Just Wine is a wine subscription service that aims to give users the chance to try many different kinds of wines from the comfort of their own home. Canned wine provides a smaller sample size than entire bottles when it comes to discover one's palette.

Aimed at a younger demographic of wine-drinkers (21-35), the service aims to help users find their wine palette by sending them sets of canned wines depending on their taste to try. The user will use the app to rate their preferences of wine to help narrow down their favorite types of wine and brands.


It's Just Wine aims to combat "wine anxiety", a finding where newer, younger wine drinkers face fear of judgement from their peers due to their inexperience and lack of knowledge of wine. These situations can happen at social events or restaurants.


Due to this, many of these young consumers avoid situations where wine-drinking occurs, which doesn't quite help when gaining experience. When looking to a wine subscriptions service, we found that none targeted younger demographics and learned of the problem of wine anxiety.
"I don't want to be the only one of my friends that needs help when making a choice"
Through our research, we learned that a fair number of consumers has some level of "wine anxiety"


User Survey and Interviews

For our research, we sent out a user survey through social media and conducted interviews with a few select individuals to get a concrete idea of the overall attitude of young wine drinkers.



Our demographic for the survey were those in the 21-35 age range, our target users for our product. We received 57 responses to our survey and interviewed six individuals with basic questions on their opinions on wine.
Would prefer if the waiter suggested a recommendation
Reported anxiety when it came to choosing wines
Have some concern or fear about being judged for their wine choices

What's Concerning Young Wine Consumers?

High-Class Nature: The fancy nature of wine, with it's intimidating titles, bright embellishments, and rich imagery make inexperienced consumers nervous
Fear of Judgement: Users don't want to be judged for their lack of knowledge, causing them to avoid choosing wines or going with blind recommendations
Cost and Occasion: Wine is expensive, and consumers don't want to buy an entire bottle only to find it isn't something they like
Youthful and Energetic Branding: Our branding is intended to be more akin to soda companies, featuring as far away from the aristocratic look of traditional wine companies
At-Home Subscription Service: With a subscription service where wine is delivered by mail to ones home, users can try out the wines at their own pace in a comfortable setting
Canned Wine: A can of wine is the perfect size for small samples to develop one's palette without the high expenditure of an entire bottle

Preference Quiz

To get a starting point for a user's first canned wine set, an optional quiz is given, either on the website or the app. The quiz is meant to be fun and casual, similar to a Buzzfeed quiz, with questions like "What is your favorite candy?" that aim to find a user's tastes without being too boring.

Personalized Recommendations

When a user tries out their cans, they can rate the cans on the app. These ratings will influence their next set, where the app will know to recommend similar or different wines in an effort to develop the user's palette and find their favorites.


Users have the option to reject or replace recommendations for their next set of cans if they find them not to their liking. In addition, users can read the reviews and opinions of other users as well as submit their own.
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