Designing for Intel's Presentation
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Visual Design, Photo Editing


3.5 Weeks


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint


This was a contract assignment for Intel, where they required presentation backgrounds for their section of the Game Developer's Conference, an event where they would present their products and research to other tech companies and developers.

The overall concept of the backgrounds was to portray the personas that Intel had interviewed within a single, textless image. This included their casual lifestyle and favorite game, all within the Intel Gaming brand style.

Sketch Prototypes

One of the challenges that was presented in this assignment was that although I was given photo reference of the personas who were interviewed, due to confidentiality reasons they could not be used for the backgrounds, even if edited.


Our solution was to create "wireframe-like" caricatures to represent them, with small edits that better reflected their lifestyle, such as certain foods or products that the person stated to like or use.

From Mundane to Sci-Fi

The backgrounds featured the city that the interviewed personas lived in from a variety of countries around the world. Most of the games featured in the Game Developer's Conference were futuristic or realistic for seasoned gaming veterans.


To fit this, the concept we went with was to edit the cities to look more digital and cyber-like. In particular was the use of the glowing "portals" which would house the various users. An image of their favorite game would be blended into the city picture.
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